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In 2012, Corsair has launched 2 reconfigured Airbus A330-200
At the end of 2012, two new A330.300s has joined the fleet, which is now entirely renovated and reconfigured.
Technical upgrades has been made to improve the aircraft performance levels, and further reinforce safety.

Greater comfort

  • This new fleet provides an undeniable improvement in in-flight comfort, with “roomier” cabins and a regular flight schedule combined with an affordability policy, etc.
  • To provide their passengers with a pleasurable traveling experience, Corsair is offering a new cabin configuration, with more space and new seats. The total number of seats is being reduced from 323 to 304 on the Airbuses, and from 582 to 533 on the Boeings.
  • The new-generation economy class seats boast the latest technical advances in the field for improved seating comfort.
  • All passengers are able to choose their own entertainment on individual touch screens on the seat-back, with a wide range of films, children’s programmes, as well as a varied selection of music channels and games.
  • The premium customer area has been enlarged, with more seats (8 more on the Airbuses, and 12more on the Boeings). The seats will tilt to 126°, with a floor spacing of 117 cm for optimum comfort. The individual screens will have optimised image and sound quality, with noise-reducing headphones.
  • Finally, special attention has been taken with the quality of harmony in the cabin.

It is now the number two French fleet in terms of seats available.
We make comfort, optimum safety and time saving our priorities, to ensure that your flight is an enjoyable experience.

Corsair dedicates itself to offering you new horizons!

Discover the making-of of the A330-300


The Boeings

  • 3 Boeing 747-400s
  • Registrations: F-GTUI, F-HSUN, F-HSEA
  • 533 seats, 36 of which are in Grand Large Class on the upper deck.
  • For Boeing F-GTUI : 533 seats, 36 of which are in Grand Large Class on the upper deck
  • Range 13 h 30/11,000 km.
  • Speed 900 km/h

Below is the plan of the 747-400 cabin

The Airbuses A330-200

  • 2 Airbus A330-200
  • Registrations: F-HCAT, F-HBIL
  • 304 seats, 26 of which are in Grand Large Class
  • Range 12 h 30/10,800 km
  • Speed: 870 km/h

Below is the plan of the A330-200 cabin

Plan cabine A330-200

The Airbuses A330-300

  • 2 Airbus A330-300
  • Registration : F-HSKY, F-HZEN 
  • 360 seats, 26 of which are in Grand Large Class
  • Range: 11h30 / 9,000 km
  • speed: 870 km/h

Below is the plan of the A330-300 cabin

Aircraft type A 330 - 200 / A330-300 B747-400
Number of engines 2 4
Engine manufacturers Rolls-Royce P&w
Engine type Trent 772B-60 PW40
Take-off thrust[daN] 31 630 25 222
Take-off thrust[pounds] 71 100 56 750

The thrusts indicated above are defined under standard conditions (15 °C, 1013 mbar) at sea level.

Our Technical Maintenance Department

Corsair has its own Technical Department. This is responsible for operational maintenance of the airline’s aircraft at its main base at Orly, but also in Fort-de-France, Pointe-à-Pitre and on Reunion.
The Corsair Technical Department represents:

  • Covering activities relating to production, logistics, purchasing, engineering, planning and quality, for servicing and monitoring the aircraft under optimum safety conditions.
  • An operating budget for aircraft servicing of approx. 50 million euros in 2012.

Safety and security

In 1994, the Corsair Technical Department obtained JAR 145 certification, which guarantees aircraft operation under optimum safety conditions.
The heavy-duty maintenance inspections are for their part entrusted to entities approved for this type of operation, and which meet the highest quality and safety standards (Air France, Cargolux, SASCO, etc.). A team of technical experts is on-hand at Orly 24/7 to coordinate the aircraft maintenance operations at Orly and at the airports abroad.
In addition, this team monitors in real-time the behaviour of the latest generation aircraft (Airbus A330), whose on-board systems are in constant contact with Orly via satellite link. Security no longer relates solely to the aircraft, but also on the ground and on-board.

On the ground

You may be asked to show your ID several times, and your luggage may be inspected. For your hand luggage, it is prohibited to carry in the cabin any sharp item or anything that could potentially be used as a weapon. These items will be confiscated from you at the luggage check. For further information about items permitted in the cabin.


When you board the aircraft, the cabin crew will check your boarding card. Furthermore, they count the passengers when boarding is complete, to check that the number of passengers booked matches the number present in the cabin. These preventive measures and checks are in place for your protection.

IOSA certification

In May 2008, Corsair was granted IOSA accreditation, the label issued by the IATA (International Air Transport Association). This label certifies the company’s membership of a recognised quality system, and its safety commitment.
As a holder of this certification, now obligatory for IATA member airlines, Corsair declares and confirms its strict respect for international safety rules, especially in terms of organisation, maintenance and aviation operations.
The IOSA assessment programme is based on the methodical examination of nearly 1,000 points covering international standards, as well as airline best practices.

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