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Special Luggage

Bagages Spéciaux

Everything you need to know on the special luggage

The carriage of pets

To find out more about the carriage of pets, please look up our page "Travelling with a pet" .

Equipment for handicapped persons

For everything you need to know about the regulations concerning equipment for handicapped persons,  click here .

Sports equipment

You can of course take sports equipment with you (golf bag, bicycle, windsurf or surfboard, skis, kite board, diving equipment, etc.).

 Above the authorised limits, please refer to the Excess luggage page.

To find out your luggage allowance, we suggest you select your destination and flight class,


If you are carrying a bicycle, it must be wrapped in protective packaging (cardboard, strong plastic).
You must also: 

  • Remove the pedals
  • Take off the front wheel and secure it to the frame
  • Turn the handlebars so that they are parallel to the frame

Note : children's bicycles are carried at no extra cost if they are between 12 and 20 inches, even beyond the luggage allowance.

Musical instruments

An acoustic guitar is considered as cabin baggage and is not subject to additional charges. A cello is permitted in the cabin if you pay for an extra seat. Due to their size and fragility, double basses and harps must be sent via cargo. Click here for more information on the unaccompanied luggage .

Sharp objects

These objects are permitted in the hold without advance notification as long as certain requirements are met. They must be dismantled as far as possible, packed in a suitable, strong and padded package providing effective protection from the objects with no risk of damage to other luggage or causing injuries to the luggage handlers. 

Sports or hunting rifles and their munitions

These objects are permitted in the hold, as long as certain instructions are followed :

  • At check-in these items must be declared and accompanied by a firearm permit (hunting or shooting licence), and an ownership certificate. The luggage undergoes X-ray inspection.
  • These firearms are, of course, prohibited in the cabin. They are only accepted for carriage in the hold. Your firearms must be completely emptied and packed in a case or box. We can only accept them if they are authorised by the departure, transit and destination authorities..
  • Munitions must be perfectly secured inside each package, so that they cannot bump together. These packages must not be placed inside another piece of hold luggage. Up to 5 kg of cartridges, including packaging, is accepted per passenger. Explosive or incendiary projectile cartridges are prohibited, and all bulk munitions will be refused.
  • We would ask you to declare your wish to carry your firearm prior to departure, on

    Tariff from landlines
    or from outside France on

    Free call from landlines

Plants and perishable foodstuffs

For most plant products, you need to present a phytosanitary certificate and your import licence for carrying them into the destination country. Do not forget these documents when carrying them.

For some destinations, French legislation only permits you to transport one kilo of fresh food. Please also note that many products are prohibited. For further information, please contact the relevant authorities in the departure, transit and destination countries. You can also contact:

French Ministry for Agriculture and Fisheries
Sub-Directorate for Food Hygiene
251, rue de Vaugirard
75732 Paris Cedex 15
Tel : 01 49 55 84 17

Please note

the customs service will confiscate any prohibited product, regardless of its origin..
Corsair may not be held responsible for the loss, theft or damage to any perishable foodstuffs carried. Passengers are advised to take out temporary private insurance covering this type of item..

Carriage of caskets

Caskets may be carried via cargo.

All mortal remains must be accompanied by a special certificate declaring that the requisite conditions have been met. This document must have been printed and signed by the undertaking company..
A second authorisation form is issued by the security services at the airport..
For further information, please contact our cargo department .

In the event of dispute

Our teams are here to help if you are not fully satisfied with Corsairfly's service.
Please remember the following if you are submitting a claim:

  • If there is any doubt regarding the condition of your shipments, a record of damages must be drawn up in the presence of a Corsairfly agent before the goods leave the warehouse. Appropriate concerns must be clearly noted (for example, the number or weight of damaged or missing packages/precise description and monetary estimate of the value of the dispute). No claims will be considered after the fact. 
  • Appropriate concerns must be clearly noted (for example, the number or weight of damaged or missing packages/precise description and monetary estimate of the value of the dispute). No claims will be considered after the fact.
  • A complaint letter must be sent to the Corsairfly agent within two weeks of the issuance of the Air Waybill (AWB)..

Important :

You must deal with the Corsairfly agent at your destination (airport at which the shipments arrived). Please contact the freight service.

Disputes are handled in accordance with the Montreal Convention, which sets the airline liability limits.

Corsair offers a dedicated range of packages or individual personalised services


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