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Unaccompanied Minors

Formalities concerning minors

  • A baby must necessarily must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years (only a baby per adult)
  • A child under 12 years and who has not the UM status must necessarily travel with an adult over 18 years.
  • The persons responsible for the child must ensure that the child complies with the regulations for leaving the country and for entering the destination country.
  • Since 26 June 2012, new European regulations require all passengers, children and adults, to travel with an individual identity document when they leave the European Union. This document may be a passport or an identity card, depending on the destination. It is therefore no longer possible to include a child on a parent's passport.
  • The French livret de famille (family record booklet) is not an identity document. Consequently, it does not permit a child to travel by plane.
  • In a press release from the French Ministry of the Interior, as from 1 January 2013, minors who travel without their father, mother or legal guardian no longer require a foreign travel permission letter. Some destination countries have specific formalities such as a visa or parental authorisation for minors. When preparing your trip, it is thus recommended you go to the "Travel Advice" section on the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, to check the documents required.

Different accompanying services for every age

Corsair has set up certain procedures so that unaccompanied minors can travel in complete peace and safety.
These differ according to age:

Obligatory UM procedure

Children under 4 are not allowed to travel alone. They must be accompanied by an able-bodied, independent adult.
Any child aged between 4 and 11 travelling on their own is considered by the company as an unaccompanied minor.

Parents travelling on the same flight:
N.B.: children whose parents or designated responsible adult are travelling on the same flight but in a different cabin may not be considered as Unaccompanied Minors.
In this case, the children and accompanying adults (parents or responsible adults) shall be put together in the same cabin.

Optional UM procedure

This applies to persons aged 12 to 17 (thus legally considered to be minors in most countries, including France) whose parents opt for an identical service to that provided for children covered by the obligatory UM procedure.
To date, it is only possible to opt for the UM service on Corsair flights.

Booking costs applicable to UMs:

  • €50 per flight for the obligatory UM procedure.
  • €75 per flight per person for the optional UM procedure.

Terms & Conditions

Booking a ticket for unaccompanied minors

You cannot book tickets for unaccompanied minors on this site.
 You must make your booking by telephone or at a Corsair outlet. To look up the list of our outlets, click here.

Booking costs applicable to UMs:

  • €50 per flight for the obligatory UM procedure.
  • €75 per flight per person for the optional UM procedure.

At check-in

The person accompanying your child to check-in must complete a discharge of liability, stating their name, address, telephone number and the contact details of the person collecting the passenger upon arrival. The same procedure will be applied for the return flight. The companion must stay at the airport until the aircraft takes off.

Upon boarding

A Corsair agent will take your child through the customs and security formalities. They will then have priority boarding, and be left in the capable hands of the chief flight attendant throughout the flight.

On board

Our flight crew pay particular attention to unaccompanied minors to make their flight an unforgettable experience.
Your child is received and treated in line with practices that each crewmember applies seriously:

  • Your child is taken to their seat by our stewards and stewardesses. As a safety measure, they will be placed in a row containing at least one adult.
  • A few minutes after take-off, they will be served a hot meal on a priority basis.
  • On departure from all our stopovers, a hot meal especially for children is served, accompanied by a cereal bar, dried fruits, a dairy product and a glass of water.
  • To help the flight pass more quickly, our flight crew will give out a games kit suited to their age. They can also find on-board children’s publications covering the main interests of children aged 4 to 11, as well as the airline children’s magazine, Petit Corsair. The cartoons available can also help them have a more enjoyable flight. In the school holidays, they can also watch animated feature films.

Of course, our stewards and stewardesses will accompany your child to the toilet door on request, and remain at their call for reassurance throughout the flight.


As an unaccompanied child, young passengers can take a cat or dog with them in the cabin, as long as the animal is in a regulatory closed container. The animal must remain in its container throughout the flight.

Upon disembarking

After disembarking, the chief flight attendant will leave your child in the capable hands of one of our transfer agents. They are responsible for taking them through the customs and security formalities, and accompanying them to the person picking them up upon arrival.
Our agents can only hand over your child to this person if it is the same person as indicated on the discharge completed upon departure.
Otherwise, Corsair will inform the telephone number figuring on the discharge of liability, and your child will be sent back on the next flight to their point of origin. The return ticket and associated upkeep costs for the child between their arrival and return flight (hotel, meal, transport, etc.) will in this case be charged to the parents or legal guardians.

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