Billet d'avion Canada


Practical information

Time difference
- 5 hours ahead of Mainland France in winter
- 6 hours ahead in summer
Flight time
7 h 45
Up to 7 flights per week
Dollar canadien
Surface area
9 985 000 km2
4 117 km
(de Paris)
35,16 millions 

Before leaving you must carry :

  • A valid ID card or passport

Information on customs and security formalities is provided as a guide.
Under no circumstances may Corsair be held responsible if your official documentation is not in order.

Before going, make sure you have a valid passport. No visa needed for European Union visitors for stays under 6 months. 
For more information, we suggest you contact the Canadian Embassy:

Canadian Embassy

35 avenue de Montaigne, 75008, PARIS
+33 (0)1 44 43 21 90

Worth knowing

No obligatory vaccinations, no risks to report. 
Be sure to take mosquito repellent in the summer.


Shopping hours in Montreal

Most shops are open between 09:00 and 19:00


Canada provides plenty of transport options. There is a relatively extensive rail network offering unlimited travel cards for several days, as well as bus services criss-crossing the country. There are two companies: Greyhound and Coach Canada. You can also get around the country by plane with local companies.


There are no particular precautions to take. 


Most administrative offices are open from 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday.

Celebrations and public holidays

Canada Day: 1st July.
Thanksgiving: 11th October.
Quebec Carnival: from 28th January to 13th February.
Halloween: 31st October.
Toronto Marathon: 17th October.
Labour Day: 6th September.
Caribana festival, the biggest West Indian festival in North America: From 15th July to 3rd August.
Film festival: 4th to 13th September.

Going to / Leaving the airport

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The essentials


Not to be missed


Canada is a country that everyone can dream of. The fir forests stretching to infinity, huskies covering the immense snowy ranges, the lakes, the salmon powering up the rivers, and beavers are an integral part of Canada’s scenery.
In Canada, killer whales swim alongside kayaks in the spring, and maples set the hills ablaze with their incandescent colours in autumn.
The Great West and its national parks, and Alberta with its ranches, will not let you down.
In the winter, you can appreciate snowmobile excursions and the warm comfort of cottage accommodation.

Parks and gardens 

In the summer, you can check out the national parks and swim in the lakes. In the autumn, you can experience the infinite charms of the Indian summer. And from East to West, you can meet a warm and tolerant people.
Among the essential sights, we can recommend  Manitoulin island, Wasaga Beach, Niagara falls, Algonquin Park, the Rockies, Lake Louise, Jasper, the Saint-Lawrence Islands Canadian National Park, Canada Wood Buffalo National Park and Jasper Park.


In culinary terms, the more Americanised English-speaking part can be distinguished from French-speaking Quebec where they love a bargain. 
In the small towns and villages, as well as the roadsides, thick club sandwiches, enormous pizzas and chocolate iced tarts await you.
They take cooking very seriously, and healthy eating or organic food is more popular than ever.
 Above all, there is some very fine produce such as the meats (especially beef) and fish (salmon, halibut). Lastly, Canada has a great many restaurants (especially in the cities) that serve succulent cuisine with inspirations from across the world.



The art of the primitive peoples is a pillar of Canadian cultural identity. Inuit art, with its stone and bone sculptures, is indisputably the finest example. For their part, the Amerindians excel in the art of sculpting, engraving and basket weaving. 
In addition to these indigenous traditions, Canada is a land of immigration that has welcomed numerous cultural influences. In the field of arts and leisure, the country is often at the cutting edge of the latest trends, offering visitors a host of remarkable activities and events.


Winter sets in from November, with very low temperatures continuing until April, then summer appears with two very hot months in July and August.


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