Need time to think?

Need some Time to Think ?

Corsair gives you the time to make the right choice

Need time before booking your ticket ?


Corsair gives you time to think about your next trip by offering you an option that guarantees your reservation during 6 days.
You can take the time to make your decision in complete peace of mind.

When you're not yet completely sure if you want to fly, when you compare prices, when you discuss these with friends... the option is very practical!
It allows you to reserve your seats, and above all to block a fare, for a given period of time.


How to benefit from this service ?

This service is available after you have chosen your travel dates and you have provided your contact information.
It is available on all media (PC, mobile and tablet).
Depending on your departure date, you can block your fare during 6 days maximum from the date you have chosen this option. 


When available, this service is automatically displayed on your screen
and is presented in this form :


What are the conditions of this service ?

Up to 20 days before the departure date, you can block your reservation during 6 days maximum before the departure date. 

This service is charged Eur 20 (twenty euros) without possible extension. This service is not refundable if you do not confirm your reservation.

This option is only available for flights operated by Corsair.

For more information, please consult our general sales and transport conditions.

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