Airport check-in kiosk

Check-in at the airport

When do I need to check in?

We ask you to arrive as early as 3 hours before the departure of your flight, whatever the take-off time of your flight

►At the airport check-in closes 1h30 prior departure of your flight for any travel until further notice.


The Corsair desks

Paris : located in Orly 4, gate 42D.

Montreal : located in area 400, desks 420 to 427

Fort-de France (Martinique) : check-in area 3, desks 30 to 36

Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe) : terminal 1, desks 33 to 40

To get your trip off to a relaxed start, we advise you to get to the check-in desks at least 4 hours before your flight departs.

Please note:

An hour and a half before departure of your flight you must have your boarding pass and checked in your baggage.
After this time, you will no longer be accepted on board and you risk losing your ticket.

In order to make an on-time departure, boarding begins 1 hour before the departure time. After check-in, passengers are invited to go directly to the boarding area. If the passenger is not present at the boarding gate 30 minutes before the departure time: he will not be accepted

How do I check in?

To obtain their boarding card, every passenger must show a form of ID (ID card or passport used when making the reservation), as well as any other document required by the customs, administrative and health regulations for entering or leaving the country. Click here to access the formalities section.

Luggage must be prepared in accordance with current regulations ( click here to access the luggage section ), and must be:

  • individually labelled on the inside and outside (your surname, forenames, phone number and permanent address must be clearly indicated).
  • locked.

At the Airport 

Check in at a check-in desk. To find out the numbers of the check-in desks, please refer to the information provided on the Paris Airport billboards

Check-in at the Self-Service Kiosks (BLS)!

At the airport, save time by checking in directly at the Self-Service Kiosks.

With this new service, check in, edit your baggage tags and boarding pass in a few minutes. Then go to our baggage drop-off desk.
If you have already checked in online, you will only edit your checked baggage labels and then go directly to our baggage drop-off desk.
These kiosks are available throughout Terminal 4 and near the Corsair flight check-in area.  They are available from 12 hours before the departure of your flight until 1:15 am of departure for all destinations, except for Africa where the deadline is 1:45 am before departure.
Good to know: all the self-service kiosks at Orly 4 Terminal are accessible to this service. Don't spend your time queuing anymore: check in immediately at any available terminal!

Note: Passengers travelling with a baby, children not accompanied by an adult adult (UM) or persons who have requested airport assistance are not eligible for this service. 


Check in online

You have the possibility to check in on Corsair website or via your smartphone, within 72h from departure of your flight.

Click here for more information on the online check-in.

Please note:

to allow plenty of time for customs and security formalities, passengers who have already checked in must go to the security checkpoints at least 1 hour before their flight departs.

For hassle-free check-in

During check-in and until boarding, particular attention will be paid to unaccompanied children and persons with reduced mobility.
To ensure that peak departure times no longer resemble “rush hour”, there will be agents to help you check in, board and disembark without fuss.

New: cross borders in seconds

The new PARAFE program (rapid automated foreign border crossings) makes your journey simpler. You can cross borders via an automated passport control system.
Simply sign up on the national base, and you will be registered for all your trips. Then when you depart or arrive at Orly 4, you need only insert your passport into the machine and then place your finger on the biometric sensor to enter or exit European territory.
The PARAFE program is free and on a voluntary basis, with the aim of facilitating your transit through the airport, while also reducing any delays. More information available on

All passengers with a confirmed reservation and a valid electronic ticket can go directly to the check-in zone to collect their boarding card and check in their luggage.

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