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Credit Vouchers COVID-19


Due to COVID-19, Corsair allows for your original ticket to be converted into a credit voucher for future travel. Please consult the following FAQs below, in regards to any questions you may have :



How should I request my Travel Voucher ? How do I redeem ?

You shall receive your Travel Voucher directly to your email, on the same email address used when submitting your claim online :

EMD Avoir


To redeem, please contact our call center at 3917 (0,35 € / min - Open daily from 07h00 to 23h00) or +33 1 70 39 22 10 (if you are calling from outside of France).

You should have the following information available : 

- Reservation number (n°1 on the image above)
- Last Name / First Name (n°2 on the image above)
- Original Ticket Number (n°3 on the image above)


I purchased my ticket via an online / traditional travel agency. How should I proceed ?

You should contact your Travel Agency for further assistance (Expedia, FarePortal, Priceline, etc.) They will be able to assist you with issuing your Travel Voucher or redemption of your Travel Voucher.


How long is my Travel Voucher valid ?

Your Travel voucher will be valid until December 31, 2021.

Your new travel (departure and return) should be made December 31st 2021.

Example : If your original travel date was 01st May 2020, you have until December 31st 2021 to book and travel with your voucher.


Can I request a refund instead of a Travel Voucher ?

Your Travel Voucher can be refunded if unused within 1 year of the original travel date.



Why does the amount of my Travel Voucher not match the amount of my original reservation ?


The entire amount is reflected on the ticket and in the case of a flight cancellation. This includes price, taxes, and any fees related to the original ticket.

Any ancillary fees that were purchased along with your ticket will be automatically associated to your new reservation, please keep your records for when making the new reservation.

Any paid insurance fees do not appear on the travel voucher, we ask that you contact your travel insurance company for further information.

In case you have a discrepancy in the amount of your travel voucher and that of the original ticket paid, we ask you to contact us. 


If I am unable to use the travel voucher, can I give it to someone else ?

Your Travel Voucher is non-transferable.

Name changes are not permitted. Passengers booked originally on the same reservation are not obliged to travel together, or have a new reservation made at the same time.  

Each passenger will have his/her own ticket number, in order to make his/her own new travel arrangements. 


What happens if the price of my new ticket is lower than my original reservation ?

If the price of the new ticket is less than the price of your new ticket, the difference will be credited to you under a new Electronic Travel Voucher.

This new eVoucher can be used as partial payment toward future travel. This voucher cannot be used for ancillary services. 



For any additional questions regarding your Travel Voucher, please contact our service center at: 3917 (0,35 € / min - Open daily from 07h00 to 23h00) or +33 1 70 39 22 10 (if you are calling from outside of France).

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